Your Cutting-EDGE R&D Partner

Clinical research made easier.

We provide a wide range of advanced lab expertise, instruments, and technology that can enhance the results and speed up the turnaround time of your R&D projects.

With our comprehensive lab research and development services, you can expect

Better Accuracy, Consistency, & Reliability

  • To achieve quality assurance, proficiency testing and stringent management systems are used.
  • ASEAN's most comprehensive and cutting-edge diagnostic instruments

Faster Results at Lower Costs

  • Validated test methods for accelerated clinical development
  • Access to industry-leading technology without the cost of investment

Flexibility to Adapt

  • Select from our range of available specialty tests, or
  • Co-develop or customize tests with us through feasibility development and method verification (to determine test performance characteristics and sample requirements).

With BioServeLabs as your R&D partner, you can worry less about managing your research project and focus more on innovating and improving lives.

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