About BioServeLabs

Getting tested for COVID-19 helps keep you and your community safe. Whether you’d like to be tested because of symptoms, exposure, travel plans, or peace of mind, BioServeLabs provides a number of convenient testing options.

Getting a trusted BioServeLabs Ondemand COVID-19 PCR test for travel, activities, or possible infection is easy with multiple testing options. Choose from one of our home collection kits, which are available for no upfront cost*, or visit a BioServeLabs location near you.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, there are many ways to treat an active COVID-19 infection. You can also get involved in our clinical trials as we work to bring new solutions to more people.


Call for Order Tests
The Lab Order is immediately generated and contains the doctor's order required by the lab. Just follow the on-screen instructions for accessing your lab order and/or receiving your home test kit (if included in your order). You will also receive an order confirmation email that explains this process. 


Visit Local Lab
You must take a printed copy of the lab order with you to the lab. If you haven’t printed the lab order yet, log in to your account and print it from your confidential lab record. Prior to visiting the lab, please see the long description of each test ordered and be sure to follow the preparation instructions. 


Receive Results
You will receive an email notifying you when your results are available online. Many results will be available within 1-2 days, but others may take longer. Please see the long description of each test ordered to know when to expect your results. Access your confidential lab record by logging in to your account. There you can display, save, print, and even fax your results to your personal physician if desired.